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In the midst of a year filled with neon signs, the APW staff was utterly shattered. They were everywhere, they looked great, so we all agreed that we each needed one. After all, who doesn’t need one in their office? You've heard it all: neon is the new glitter. I saw neon signs everywhere, from conference rooms to work spaces. I kept waiting eagerly for them to appear at real weddings. But then I realized that neon signs can be very expensive. You can't even purchase them on Craigslist.More Info click here

 I know this because I have tried. It should not require an electrical engineering degree. A magical little tool called ELwire was found by me a few weeks back. EL wire is a type of fabric that is sewn into fabrics. It's also used for events such as Burning Man, Tron cosplay and other occasions. EL wire is a thin and flexible wire that glows like a neon sign. 

However, it costs a fraction of what the real deal (as in, less then $150 for the big sign). Tabitha of Winston & Main, a Los Angeles-based wedding designer, was willing to take my EL wire stuff and transform it into something appropriate for an APW ceremony.

 The best part is that it's self-contained and doesn't require you to plug it in to the wall. Double bonus: It would look great above a dessert plate, just so. This tutorial is great, but it takes some planning and a power drill. It will take you plenty of time to finish it. You don't necessarily need to have any particular skills to complete this project. All you need is some foresight.

It can be yours in your living room forever. (As though that wasn't your goal.



1. Your word will fit perfectly on the acrylic. Tabitha prefers (free!) To enlarge items at home, you can either use Adobe Acrobat’s "poster” printing option or print them yourself.


2. Determine where you'll need to drill holes in order to make your words. The obvious ones are located at the beginning and ending of each word or unconnected letter. Play with your EL (or a string) to determine the best place to drill holes. 

Then bend the wire around your word, and see if it gets too thick. Because it's not attached to any of other letters, the "obvious ones" in our "Love” Sign are the beginning and end of "L", "E", and "O". Tabitha drilled a hole to connect "o" and "v", as it was easier for Tabitha to see than if there had been a third piece EL wire between these letters. Use an "x" to mark the areas you will drill.


3. You can trace your word or quote onto the acrylic with a dry erase pen or chalkboard marker. Make sure you test it first before you begin writing the entire thing.


4. Make sure you drill a hole that is large enough for your EL cable to pass through wherever there has been an "x". Tabitha used an inch drill bit to drill her hole for her 5mm El wire.




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